Kaunas Airport Departures (KUN)

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Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Antalya (AYT) Freebird Airlines FH744 05:00 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Ryanair FR103 06:00 Scheduled
Shannon (SNN) Ryanair FR6431 06:00 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Ryanair FR6156 06:00 Scheduled

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Flight Departures at Kaunas Airport

Departing passengers from Kaunas Fluxus Airport are dropped off at the ground transportation area outside Departures Hall.

All travelers, especially those outbounds, are encouraged to secure their personal belongings before proceeding to the pre-departure section or the check-in counters.

Upon entering the Departures Hall, please prepare a valid identification card, passport, and plane ticket for check-in procedures.

Before entering the gate area, passengers will first pass through the security screening. Therefore, it is strongly advised for outbound travelers to check what items are allowed for hand-carry baggage.

Being at the airport two hours before your flight schedule is also a good idea.

Parking at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Convenient car park services are provided for clients of Kaunas Airport. Three car park areas are currently functional in the airport; P1, P2, and P3.

The facility offers long-term and short-term parking facilities for everyone. Parking rates in the airport vary depending upon the vehicle type and area. See more information about short and long term parking at Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

Transfer Services at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Transportation such as Car rentals, taxis, shuttles, and buses are available in Kaunas.

They are committed to giving quality service to all transacting passengers.

All departing passengers from Kaunas Airport are encouraged to check what items are allowed for hand-carry and check-in baggage.

Also, personal belongings must be secured before enplaning and deplaning the aircraft.

Rental Car Services at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Car Rental agencies in Kaunas are conveniently located in the City Center for outbound passengers interested in renting a vehicle. See all rental car companies at Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

However, it is most convenient and hassle-free if outbound passengers book their vehicles online days before their flight schedule.

They can download their selected car rental agency’s application on their smart device or even transact at their official website.

For a rented vehicle from Kaunas Fluxus Airport, renters must return and park them in the same car park where it was picked up.

Please return the car keys and agreement form to your car rental agency.

Ride Shares at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Rideshare services are not accessible in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Taxis at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Taxis are accessible anywhere in Kaunas. They are primarily available in the City Center outside huge and famous establishments, such as malls, hotels, and marketplaces.

There are also taxis authorized or approved by Kaunas Airport’s administration for transporting passengers to and from the facility. More information about taxis at Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

Kaunas Airport is approximately 14km or about 22 minutes drive to and from Kaunas City Center via Savanorių pr. Road.

The taxi rate from the airport to Town Hall Square or City Center area and vice versa ranges from €20.00 to €30.00.

Passengers should be aware that taxi fares may vary without notice.

Buses at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Travelers with outbound flights from Kaunas may also take a bus ride to Kaunas Fluxus Airport. However, they must also consider the time duration of riding a bus while catching a flight.

Public city buses with route code 29 G have 11 stops within the metro, including its central bus station and the city’s railway station. Further information about buses to and from Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

Buses are also accessible at the ground transportation center of Kaunas Airport.

They are available for pick-up and drop-off services within the airport premises.

Kaunas City buses and Trolleybuses are located at the bus stop on the left after exiting the main terminal building.

Tickets for a regular single-way fare are sold for €1.00 and can be purchased from the bus driver.

Trains at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Train transit is unavailable within the premises of Kaunas Airport. However, there is a passenger railway station in the City Center, about 16km or 20 minutes drive from the airport.

Tickets are available at the booking office inside the Railway Station. Its price varies depending upon the passenger's point of destination. Additional information about train services near Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

There are hotels in Kaunas City that provides airport shuttle transfers.

Travelers are advised to confirm their shuttle bookings before departure at Kaunas Airport for a hassle-free trip.

Hotel Shuttles are only allowed at the ground transportation area of Kaunas Fluxus Airport to pick up and drop off passengers.

Some shuttle services are given as complimentary by your accommodation.

For non-complimentary shuttle transfers, price rates vary depending upon your selected hotel.

Other Services at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

WiFi at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Complimentary WiFi service is provided for clients and employees of Kaunas Airport. Connect your smart device to the "Free WiFi Kaunas Airport" network.

If problems occur while connecting to the network, contact the information phone at +370 52739032 or email them at itgedimai@ltou.lt.

ATMs at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Two Automatic Teller Machines are only available on the first floor of the Arrivals Hall.

Currency exchange at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

There is one foreign currency exchange desk available for service at Kaunas Airport. It is located inside the terminal building on the first floor of the Arrivals Hall.

Nursing Stations at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Baby care facilities for nursing mothers are available within the airport terminal of Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

They can be easily located inside the washrooms on the second floor, airside, of the Departures Hall.

Restrooms at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

There are restrooms provided for departing passengers at the Departures Hall.

Food and Beverages at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Food concessions are available in the gated areas on the terminal's airside.

There are also food and beverage vending machines near the check-in counters and on the second floor of the Departures Hall.

Smoking at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

It is an offense to smoke inside the airport terminal. However, there are smoking areas provided outside of the building.

Pet-Relief Area at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Pet-Relief Areas for service animals and fur pets are unavailable at Kaunas Airport.

Lost and Found Section at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Lost and found things or pieces of baggage are reported to the information center of Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

For lost items within the airport premises, please contact the Information Call Center facility at +370 612 44442.

Missing items during flight or within the aircraft, please contact UAB Litcargus at +370 37 758 010 or +370 620 39878.

Airport Communication Center at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

An information desk is available for service at the terminal's Arrivals Hall.

The airport's Call Center facility is also open 24 hours daily.

Passengers with specific concerns about flight information, other airport services, aviation security requirements, and lost items, please contact the Airport Call Center at +370 612 44442.

Ticketing Services at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Litcargus Ticketing Office is open for service inside the Kaunas Airport terminal. Clients may purchase plane tickets at the counter situated on the first floor of the building. However, they're available on varying time schedules.

For ticket information and reservation, passengers may contact Litcargus Ticketing Office at +370 37 750 196, +370 37 750 195, +370 37 399 004 or email them at tix.kun@litcargus.lt.

Disabled Passengers at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Disabled-friendly facilities are available at Kaunas Airport. These facilities give convenience and assistance to persons with special needs.

Therefore, passengers with medical concerns should contact their airline provider or the airport information center ahead of time to prepare the necessary types of equipment before their arrival.

For further details and assistance, please call the airport's information center at +370 612 44442.

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Kaunas Airport Passenger Traffic Increases 19.7% in Q2 2023, Surpassing Q2 2019 Pre-Pandemic Figures