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Kaunas Fluxus Airport - All Information on Kaunas Fluxus Airport (KUN)

Kaunas Airport (KUN) Kaunas Airport (KUN)

Kaunas Airport

Oro uosto g. 4, Karmėlava 54460, Lithuania
+370 612 44442
+370 37 758 010 or +370 620 39878 (Lost + Found)
Kaunas Fluxus Airport - All Information on Kaunas Fluxus Airport (KUN)

Kaunas Fluxus Airport (IATA code: KUN) is a significant airport in Lithuania, next to Vilnius Airport, and known to be one of the busiest in the Baltic states.

The airport is located in the country's middle part, 14km or about 9 miles northeast of the Kaunas city center and 100km west of the capital Vilnius. It has an elevation of 256 feet (78 meters) Above the Mean Sea Level.

The state-owned enterprise Kauno Aerouostas owns and operates the airport. It is fully governable by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

In May 2013, the Government announced the plans to merge Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga airports into one company. The Lithuanian parliament approved the projects in November 2013. The merger took place in 2014.

Ryanair is the leading passenger aircraft at Kaunas Fluxus Airport. Since 2005, Ryanair had slowly expanded its network when it first landed at the airstrip.

In 2010, Kaunas Airport was Ryanair's first base in Eastern Europe, resulting in a more-than-doubled-route network expansion at the airport. The airport reported a 77% growth in passenger traffic that year and got the award from the EURO ANNIES 2011 by a weekly aviation e-journal anna. Aero is the fastest-growing airport in Europe, with under one million passengers.

In January 2013, Ryanair launched and operated its headquarters at the airport. The hangar can accommodate one aircraft at a time and performs C-type maintenance checks. The same year Ryanair set to double its MRO capabilities at the airport and began constructing the second hangar in Kaunas.

In 2008 the new three-story terminal building was opened for passenger operations. The 7,573 square meter facility can handle approximately 800,000 passengers per year. The maximum capacity was already reached in 2010, three years after its opening.

The ground level is the designated arrival area and fully complies with Schengen regulations. All significant facilities for inbound passengers, including bureau de change and car rental offices, are also on the ground level.

The two upper levels are for outbound passengers and are designated as departure areas. On the first floor, there are twelve check-in counters. The passenger flow is separated into Schengen and non-Schengen departure zones through the security areas on the first and second floors.

The airport does not have passenger bridges that suit the preference of the facility's biggest client Ryanair for enplaning and deplaning.

Terminal facilities such as airline ticket offices, tourism agents, shops, bars, and cafes are also available throughout the airport.

Also, FL Technics announced its plans to invest about 4 million US dollars into high-tech aircraft maintenance equipment in its newly launched hub in Kaunas.

The updated equipment will support FL Technics MRO center in servicing both narrow and huge-bodied modern aircrafts such as Boeing 747 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Upon implementing the said investment strategy fully, the new FL Technics in Kaunas will create 300 new jobs, including over 200 positions for aircraft mechanics, engineers, and other aviation technical personnel.

History of Kaunas Fluxus Airport

In 1988, Kaunas Airport started its operations. Three years later, after Lithuania's independence, Kaunas Airport gained the status of an international airport. In 1996, the airport became a member of the Airports Council International. It began to take part in the activities of the "Lithuanian Airports" association.

Kaunas Airport has been used by YAK-40 and YAK-42 of the local Aeroflot branch since 1988. The flight range was moderate, and some scheduled flights from Kaunas to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Moscow, Odesa, Simferopol, and Šiauliai. Regional Air Lithuania, based in Kaunas, operated scheduled and charter flights from Kaunas to Budapest, Billund, Hamburg, Malmö, and Oslo from 1993 to 2004.

In 2004, Ryanair started operating flights to and from Kaunas. Two years later, it announced the establishment of its headquarters in Kaunas. In 2013, Ryanair invested more than 3 million euros in a new aircraft maintenance and repair hangar, which currently employs 220 people, according to its 2018 data.

The airline is expanding its aircraft maintenance activity at Kaunas Airport with a planned further investment of almost 2 million euros, allowing the service of twice as many aircraft.

The company plans to employ 40 additional aviation mechanics. The mentioned employment strategy is based on the company's collaboration with the Kaunas School of Mechanics at the Kaunas University of Technology to prepare necessary specialists and invite students for traineeships.

Air Baltic operated Riga to Kaunas and vice versa daily flights in 2006-2008 and 2009–2014, sometimes reaching up to 2 daily flights. Wizzair served the Kaunas-Warsaw-London Luton route for a short period in 2005. The airline returned to Kaunas in 2012.

Two temporary terminals operated in 2017 when Vilnius Airport was closed for renovation and flights transferred to Kaunas. LOT Polish Airlines started working six weekly flights to Kaunas International from Warsaw on 21 May 2018.

Transfer Services at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Kaunas Fluxus Airport has been offering several transfer services for passengers and clients.

Transportation such as Car rentals, taxis, shuttles, and buses are available at the facility.

They are committed to giving quality service to all transacting passengers.

All Kaunas Airport passengers are encouraged to check what items are allowed for hand-carry and check-in baggage.

Also, personal belongings must be secured before enplaning and deplaning the aircraft.

Rental Car Services at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

For passengers interested in renting a vehicle, Car Rental outlets in Kaunas Airport are located at the Car Rental Building, about 150 meters from the main terminal.

Signages are provided for renters leading to the building. See and compare all rental car companies at Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

Renters must comply with the requirements needed by their chosen car rental company.

Renters must show a valid driver's license or an international driver's license permit and be credit and debit cardholders to pay the rental fee. They should complete the contract form before picking up their rented vehicle.

Renters can also book cars online through the official websites of the airport's car rental partners. Online payment is convenient for both the agency and the customer.

Car Rental Rates may vary depending upon the company and the selected vehicle.

Ride Shares at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Rideshare vehicles are unavailable for service at Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

Taxis at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Affordable, safe, comfortable, and convenient taxis serve Kaunas Airport.

The airport's authorized taxis are available outside the arrivals terminal.

Kaunas Airport is approximately 14km or about 22 minutes drive to and from Kaunas City Center via Savanorių pr. Road.

The taxi rate from the airport to Town Hall Square or City Center area and vice versa ranges from €20.00 to €30.00. See more information about taxis at Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

Passengers should be aware that taxi fares may vary without notice.

Buses at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Buses are accessible at the ground transportation center of Kaunas Airport.

They are available for pick-up and drop-off services within the airport premises.

Kaunas City buses and Trolleybuses are located at the bus stop on the left after exiting the main terminal building. More information about buses to and from Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

Tickets for a regular single-way fare are sold for €1.00 and can be purchased from the bus driver.

Trains at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Train transit is not possible within Kaunas Airport. However, the city has a railway station about 16km or 20 minutes from the airport property. More information about train services near Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

Train tickets are sold at the railway station, and their rates vary depending upon the passenger’s destination.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Hotel Shuttles may be available at your chosen hotel accommodation in the city.

Travelers are advised to confirm their shuttle bookings before arrival or departure at Kaunas Airport for a hassle-free trip.

Hotel Shuttles are only allowed at the ground transportation area of Kaunas Fluxus Airport to pick up and drop off passengers.

Some shuttle services are given as complimentary by your accommodation.

For non-complimentary shuttle transfers, price rates vary depending upon your selected hotel.

Parking at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Convenient parking areas and parking services are provided for customers of Kaunas Airport.

Three car park areas are currently operational in the airport. The facility offers long-term and short-term parking facilities for clients. See more information about short and long term parking at Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

Parking rates in the airport vary depending upon the vehicle type and area.

Other Services at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

WiFi at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Internet access is possible at Kaunas Airport.

Free WiFi is provided for everyone. Connect your smart device to the "Free WiFi Kaunas Airport" network.

If problems occur while connecting to the network, contact the information phone at +370 52739032 or email them at itgedimai@ltou.lt.

ATMs at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Two Automatic Teller Machines are available on the first floor of the Arrivals Hall.

Currency exchange at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

A foreign currency exchange desk is available for service at Kaunas Airport. It is located inside the terminal building on the first floor of the Arrivals Hall.

Nursing Stations at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Mothers' nursing and baby care facilities are available within the airport terminal of Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

They are located in the terminal building's first and second-floor washroom areas.

Restrooms at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Restrooms are accessible on the landside and airside sections of the airport terminal.

Food and Beverages at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Food concessions are available at the Arrivals and Departures Hall of the airport terminal.

Smoking at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Smoking is prohibited inside the terminal building. However, there are specified smoking areas outside of the terminal.

Pet-Relief Area at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Relief Areas for service animals and fur pets are unavailable at Kaunas Fluxus Airport.

Lost and Found Section at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Lost and found items or pieces of baggage are reported to the information center of Kaunas Airport.

Passengers concerned about losing items within the airport premises, please contact the Information Call Center facility at +370 612 44442.

Missing items during flight or within the aircraft, please contact UAB Litcargus at +370 37 758 010 or +370 620 39878.

Airport Communication Center at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Kaunas Airport's Information desk is located at the terminal's Arrivals Hall.

The airport's Call Center facility is also open 24 hours daily.

Passengers with specific concerns about flight information, other airport services, aviation security requirements, and lost items, please contact the Airport Call Center at +370 612 44442.

Ticketing Services at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

A ticketing office, Litcargus, is open for service inside the Kaunas Airport terminal. The counter is situated on the first floor of the building. However, they're available on varying time schedules.

For ticket information and reservation, passengers may contact Litcargus Ticketing Office at +370 37 750 196, +370 37 750 195, +370 37 399 004 or email them at tix.kun@litcargus.lt.

Baggage Claim at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

All baggage is retrieved at the Baggage Claim Area of Kaunas Airport, located on the first floor of the Arrivals Hall.

Carts are also available for passengers who need assistance with luggage transport.

In case of missing or damaged luggage, please contact your airline provider or ask for assistance from UAB Litcargus. Contact them at +370 37 758 010 or +370 620 39878.

Disabled Passengers at Kaunas Fluxus Airport

Kaunas Fluxus Airport provides disabled-friendly facilities that give convenience and assistance to persons with special needs.

The airport is open 24/7. Therefore, passengers with medical concerns should contact their airline provider or the airport information center ahead of time to prepare the necessary types of equipment before their arrival.

For further details and assistance, please call the airport's information center at +370 612 44442.

Kaunas Fluxus Airport Contacts

Address: Oro uosto g. 4, Karmėlava 54460, Lithuania

General Phone: +370 612 44442

Email: info@ltou.It

Lost and Found Phone: +370 37 758 010 or +370 620 39878

Official website: https://www.kaunas-airport.lt/

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 230V/50Hz

Plug: C, F

Currency: Euro, €

WiFi at Airport: Unlimited free WiFi is available within the airport terminal. Connect your device at "Free WiFi Kaunas Airport."

Services at Kaunas Airport

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Kaunas Airport Passenger Traffic Increases 20% in Q2 2023

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